Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time now available on browsers

by Yahya Kisanaon May 20, 2015
Stream HD Movies right in your browser with Popcorn Time Popcorn Time, a torrent movie streaming service, has been one of the easiest and painless ways to pirate movies. By using torrents to stream videos, you no longer had to wait for a torrent download to finish before watching your Movie or TV Show. It […]

Rising Tide, first Civilization: Beyond Earth expansion pack announced

by Yahya Kisanaon May 19, 2015
Control both land and water with Rising Tide Civilization: Beyond Earth is finally getting its first expansion pack, and it’s been named Rising Tide. Rising tide will allow players to move away from the traditional on-land game play by allowing you to colonize the aquatic world. Rising Tide’s main selling-point will be to allow players to create settlement on oceans. […]

Sprint offers free data roaming in six more countries

by Yahya Kisanaon May 17, 2015
Sprint has expanded it’s free roaming to Colombia, Denmark, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, Paraguay and Sweden. Making 22 countries part of the Sprint’s free international plan. When the plan originally launched in April, it hosted 16 countries. The plan included, and still includes, free data and unlimited text messaging where roaming charges would usually apply. While […]


Grooveshark back online, unofficially

by Yahya Kisanaon May 6, 2015
After fighting over a decade of legal battles, free/legal streaming services taking the rise, and other controversy, Grooveshark decided to go offline last week. On April 30th, 2015, we had to say goodbye to one of the world biggest free music streaming services, and nearly a week later, it’s back. Unofficially. BGR had received an […]

Android Lollipop users increase with new flagships

by Yahya Kisanaon May 5, 2015
Lollipop took a while to become one of the majorly used Android versions, as most versions do when newly released. It took a while to get on the usage Pie-Chart. Now, Lollipop’s popularity is increasing and a faster rate, and the new flagships are to thank. Over 9% of Android devices are running Android Lollipop, according to data recorded […]

Seinfeld coming soon to Hulu

by Yahya Kisanaon April 29, 2015
A recent report from Variety claims that Hulu has won a tough battle for Seinfeld streaming rights. The deal has allowed Hulu to become the first streaming service to acquire the popular sitcom. Rumors claim that other streaming services, such as Yahoo Screen and Amazon Prime Video, were part of the battle for Seinfeld. Last year, Netflix […]

Paid Mods

Valve Removes Paid Mods

by Yahya Kisanaon April 28, 2015
Last week, Valve announced an option for developers to get paid for their mods directly from the Community Market. This had caused plenty of controversy and an outrage from the PC Gamer community. Free Mods were a huge part of PC Gaming, and Valve was try to take it away. A few days later, Valve […]
gears of war

Gears of War might be the next game to be remastered on the Xbox One

by Yahya Kisanaon April 26, 2015
The next-gen consoles have been filling with re-masted games recently, and it looks like Gears of War will be part of this trend. Kotaku and Polygon have reported that a remastered version of Gears of War in in the making. Microsoft and Black Tusk Studios will be making the remastered Gears of War available for […]

5 Ways to Extend the Battery Life of your Android Device

by Yahya Kisanaon April 26, 2015
Androids all have a variety of Battery life. Some will last more than two days, others will barely get past the first few hours. Luckily there are universal ways to extend the battery life of your device. Here are 5 ways to extend the Battery Life of your Android Device. Check exactly what is draining […]


Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note Edge, a new take at curved displays

by Yahya Kisanaon April 25, 2015
Samsung has always been a little different with its Note series. The original concept of the Galaxy Note, and phablets in general seemed a little offbeat. We all knew that it was simply an experiment, but it became more. After that experiment, all major phone manufacturers have a flagship Phablet available for sale. Now, Samsung […]